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[Gametime Recruiting] opened son many doors of opportunity for me… made sure I knew who to email, who to call, and when to expect a call from someone. Not only did he keep me very well informed, but I also always knew my opinion was valued.

Madison Officer, University of Arizona
Equestrian (Arizona)

Rodney guided me through the recruiting process and was one of the few people that believed in me. He bestowed upon me the encouragement and knowledge I needed to get where I am today. It is because of him I am able to live out my dream.

Todd Hoover, Faulkner University
Football (Alabama)

[Rodney] encouraged me to try-out at a D1 school. He reached out to cheer coaches who looked over my film… He is still cheering me on and checking in on me. I’m not sure I would be at ISU if it weren’t for his guidance, motivation, and support.

Kalie Callison, Iowa State University
Cheer (Arizona)

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